CO2 savings of the
Torque Marine Systems

compared to conventional systems

Scientific partner

The development of the High Torque Power Drive (HTP)® drive system was preceded by numerous discussions with experts from all areas of inland navigation on the question of how to develop a modular, redundant drive.

The influence of the Development Center for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST) in Duisburg is particularly noteworthy here. Inspired by the ideas and questions put forward by Mr. Joachim Zöllner from the DST in Duisburg, we have given some thought to how the possibilities for increasing the efficiency of inland waterway vessels by up to 25 % that he outlined in his presentation at the CCNR climate conference in Bonn in June 2009 can be realized. The result of this thinking is the High Torque Power Drive (HTP)® drive system.

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