CO2 savings of the
Torque Marine Systems

compared to conventional systems



The coordination between ship shape, combustion engine and propeller is a major difficulty in traditional shipbuilding. A conventional diesel engine only generates the necessary torque for the propeller at around 50% of its output. Furthermore, the weight and size of the engine influence the required lift, the shape of the ship and thus ultimately also the propeller inflow.

According to the DST in Duisburg, the shape of the stern can be improved, the propeller flow optimized and the efficiency of the propeller increased by up to 20 % while taking up less space and reducing the weight of the drive.

Advantages for modern shipbuilding:
The HTP® drive system is significantly lighter and space-saving
The reduction in volume and weight results in an improved ship shape.
The relationship between energy input and the power actually put into the water is improved
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