CO2 savings of the
Torque Marine Systems

compared to conventional systems

Founders of Torque Marine
Founded CDC Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH back in 1974

He gradually developed CDC into a successful maritime service provider and engineering office for ship operating technology and managed the company as managing partner until its sale to the Finnish Wärtsilä Group in 2008. CDC Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH’s range of tasks included the following: Planning, production and delivery of complete integrated ship operating systems including project engineering.

Founder and director of Maringer Consulting Alberta, Canmore/Canada
1961 Basic technical training at Siemens & Halske in Hamburg/Germany
1969 Graduated in electrical engineering with an outstanding career in research and development in the field of industrial measurement and control technology, control systems e.g. for the automotive industry, several patents and patent applications, various leading positions in research and development in Germany and the USA (New Jersey and California)
1981 R&D projects in Fujitsu’s R&D laboratories and study of macroeconomics in Tokyo/Japan
1987 Graduated with a degree in business administration (Dipl.-Oec.).
1990 CEO Siemens Automotive Canada
1993 Completion of postgraduate studies with Dr.rer.pol. (PhD in Economics and Social Sciences)
1995 General Manager of the global Siemens Technical Service business (implementation of major Siemens industrial projects and services in 162 countries)
2000 President & CEO of Siemens Canada (the entire Siemens portfolio across Canada)
2004 Appointed Professor of International Management at the University of Jena (lecturer since 1993)
2006: McMaster University/ Hamilton/Canada: Honored with the John W. Hodgins Memorial Award for distinguished engineer
Retired from Siemens in 2006 after an international career spanning 47 years
2007 Founder of Maringer Consulting Alberta, specializing in technology consulting for renewable energy, storage and applications
Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2014
Since 1990, numerous board and advisory board mandates in public companies, science and non-profit organizations
3rd generation entrepreneur, is the owner and managing director of SCHRAMM group GmbH.

Under the umbrella of the Schramm group, 14 operating companies cover all important facets of the maritime industry. All Schramm group companies are owner-managed and have many years of experience as practice-oriented companies.

The Schramm group currently covers the following business areas:
Port operations/handling
Maritime consulting
Ship brokerage
Special transports
Shipbuilding design and consulting
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