CO2 savings of the
Torque Marine Systems

compared to conventional systems


Torque drive put through its paces

Unrestricted ship certificate according to BinSchUO issued for GMS ENOK.
On May 19, an acceptance voyage was carried out in Antwerp in accordance with the requirements of the BinSchUO (Inland Vessel Inspection Regulations) under the watchful eye of the SUC (Ship Inspection Commission). With the successful acceptance run, the ENOK has now received unrestricted approval in accordance with BinSCHUO.
With the High Torque Power Drive (HTP), Torque Marine IPS GmbH & CO. KG, based in Hamburg, developed an innovative drive system for inland, coastal and tugboats in 2010 that is far superior to conventional drives with combustion engines and reduction gears. Following extensive research and development work, Torque Marine IPS successfully equipped a twin-propeller cargo vessel with a torque propulsion system at the beginning of 2010. To this end, a 55-year-old goods motor vessel in good condition, the GMS ENOK, was purchased by Torque Marine IPS as a future demonstrator. The conversion work was carried out by Kieler Gebr. Friedrich-Werft in around six months. As in the past, the refitted ENOK will be chartered by Imperial-Reederei in Duisburg and used on all European waterways.

[PDF] Torque drive put through its paces
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